Prescription Single Vision Lenses

003) Index 1.59 polycarbonate Single Vision

Single Vision clear prescription lens with Index 1.59 polycarbonate

/Hard Coating (HC)
/Multi Coating (AR)
/Super hydrophobic AR (AR+)
/Blue light Cut (BLC)
/Anti-Glare (AG)
/Color Mirror or Mercury
/Tinting any colors

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Product: Index 1.59 polycarbonate Single Vision
Specifications: Single Vision clear prescription lens with Index 1.59 polycarbonate
Material: polycarbonate
Abbe number: 30
Color: Clear
Size: 48~75mm
MOQ: 1 Piece
Description: PC lens has the excellent impact resistance. 
It's thinner and lighter than plastic or glass lenses.
it can block 100% UV rays without needing a special coating.

Rx surfacing lenses
prism of decenter for those progressive lens or cylinder over -4.00
special base curve to fit frame
a specific edge or center thickness.

** Rx Flexibility
-          Decentration
-          Prism
-          High Prescription
-          Knife Edge
**Edging Solution
1) Remote Edging
2) Edging with physical frame
1. Mineral Glass Lens (Index 1.523, 1.70, 1.80, 1.90)
2. Plastic Lens (Index 1.499, 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, 1.59Polycarbonate)
3. Single Vision/Bifocal/ Progressive/Multi Focal lenses
4. Photochromic Lenses (Gray, Brown, Green)
5. Sunglasses & Polarized Lens
6. Color tinted Lenses
7. Omega and Lenticular Lens
8. Lenses with high sphere and high cylinder
9. Different design of all lenses - office lenses, sports lenses, drive lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, prescription eyeglasses
The range we can offer:
**Single Vision : Aspheric         
High Sphere Max.+10.00 ~ -25.00           
High Cylinder Max. -6.00        
High Sphere Max.+10.00 ~ -16.00           
High Cylinder Max. -6.00        
**FREE FORM Progressive      
High Sphere Max.+10.00 ~ -16.00           
High Cylinder Max. -6.00        
**The diameter can be made from 48mm to 80mm
**The max prism we can do is 10.


Coating for Products:
1) Uncoating (UC),
 2) Hard Coating (HC),
3) Multi Coating (HMC) ,
4) Blue Light Cut, Blue light blocking, Blue Light Control
5) Anti-Reflection, AR,
6) Superhydrophobic AR,
7) Colorful Mirror or Mercury
8) Tinting any colors
Colors for Mirror Lenses
Freeform progressive lenses design:

About US 
** Member company of EssilorLuxottica
**Over 20 years experience that can handle 95% of eye Doctors' prescription.
** Over 1 million jobs in the world are comes from TGT RX lab.
**We offer you not only lenses, we offer you service and solution to your prescription eyewear lenses problems.

** MOQ: 1 Piece ; Buyer pay freight cost
** Lead time: over 80% in 24 hours, rest in 72 working hours.
** Delivery: in 24-72 working hours.
** Prescription eyeglass lens, RX lens and small order is acceptable
Package/ Guarantee Card or Cloths
Customized envelop, boxes or white bag you prefer.


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