Prescription Single Vision Lenses

006) Index 1.74 Single Vision

Single vision clear prescription lens Index 1.74

/Hard Coating (HC)
/Multi Coating (AR)
/Super hydrophobic AR (AR+)
/Blue light Cut (BLC)
/Anti-Glare (AG)
/Color Mirror or Mercury
/Tinting any colors

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Product: Index 1.74 Single Vision
Specifications: Single vision clear prescription lens Index 1.74
Material: EPOXY
Abbe number: 33
Color: Clear
Size: 48~70mm
MOQ: 1 Piece
Description:  Correction for one field of vision. Either for distance, intermediate (computer), or near vision (reading).
Ideal for every one who needs single vision correction and look for an economic solution.
A basic digital single vision design.

1. Mineral Glass Lens (Index 1.523, 1.70, 1.80, 1.90)
2. Plastic Lens (Index 1.499, 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, 1.59Polycarbonate)
3. Single Vision/Bifocal/ Progressive/Multi Focal lenses
4. Photochromic Lenses (Gray, Brown, Green)
5. Sunglasses & Polarized Lens
6. Color tinted Lenses
7. Omega and Lenticular Lens
8. Lenses with high sphere and high cylinder
9. Different design of all lenses - office lenses, sports lenses, drive lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, prescription eyeglasses
** Rx Flexibility
-          Decentration
-          Prism
-          High Prescription
-          Knife Edge
**Edging Solution
1) Remote Edging
2) Edging with physical frame
The range we can offer:
**Single Vision : Aspheric         
High Sphere Max.+10.00 ~ -19.00           
High Cylinder Max. -6.00        
High Sphere Max.+10.00 ~ -16.00           
High Cylinder Max. -6.00        
**FREE FORM Progressive      
High Sphere Max.+10.00 ~ -16.00           
High Cylinder Max. -6.00        
**The diameter can be made from 48mm to 80mm
**The max prism we can do is 10.

Rx surfacing lenses
prism of decenter for those progressive lens or cylinder over -4.00
special base curve to fit frame?
a specific edge or center thickness.

Coating for Products:
1) Uncoating (UC),
 2) Hard Coating (HC),
3) Multi Coating (HMC) ,
4) Blue Light Cut, Blue light blocking, Blue Light Control
5) Anti-Reflection, AR,
6) Superhydrophobic AR,
7) Colorful Mirror or Mercury
8) Tinting any colors
Colors for Mirror Lenses
Freeform progressive lenses design:
About US 
** Member company of EssilorLuxottica
**Over 20 years experience that can handle 95% of eye Doctors' prescription.
** Over 1 million jobs in the world are comes from TGT RX lab.
**We offer you not only lenses, we offer you service and solution to your prescription eyewear lenses problems.
** MOQ: 1 Piece ; Buyer pay freight cost
** Lead time: over 80% in 24 hours, rest in 72 working hours.
** Delivery: in 24-72 working hours.
** Prescription eyeglass lens, RX lens and small order is acceptable
Package/ Guarantee Card or Cloths
Customized envelop, boxes or white bag you prefer.

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