Coatings on Lenses

Coating Features

Mirror coatings
Relective optical coating, can decrease the amount of light passing through thet tinted lens by further 10% - 60%.

There are Regular mirror and Style mirror for choice.

Colors for Regular mirror: Silver, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Gold, Pink

Colors for Style mirror: Silver, Green, Blue, Gold, Pink

AR Green coating (Anti- Reflection)

Eliminates unwantied reflections on the lenses, and the eyes will be more visible with a natural look.


anti-reflection (AR) coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses to reduce reflection.

In typical imaging systems, this improves the efficiency since less light is lost due to reflection. 

A coating on eyeglass lenses that makes the eyes of the wearer more visible to others.

AR+ Green coating (superhydrophobic AR)

Super hydrophobic is a special coating technology, which creates hydrophobic property to the lens surface,

and makes the lens always clean and clear.

It Integrates an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and hydrophobic layers into the lens.

The layers and the lens become one and perfectly matched together to provide excellent performance and durability.

Blue Ligh Cut with AR+ (Purple or Blue color)

100% UV protection which effectively blocks off harmfel blue Violet Light largely emitted from technology gadgets.

helps to block the harmful blue light, particularly the blue lights from various electronic device.


Anti-Glare Coating

Reduce the reflected light of the lens and reduce the interference of light on vision.

Efficiently block UV rays and harmful blue light, and improve the penetration rate of beneficial blue light.

Absorb high-energy short-wavelength light, and reduce visible glare.

Effectively reduce the glare caused by coating reflection.

Improves visual acuity in low-light environments.